GBHW-400/600/800 Automatic Bridge Saw Machine

GBHW-400/600/800 Automatic Bridge Saw Machine

GBHW-400/600/800 Automatic Bridge Saw Machine.
GBHW-400/600/800 bridge saw machine is a highly automatic machine well built to perform various tasks in marble and granite processing. It is ideal for cutting tombstone, building stone and big size slabs etc.

The bridge saw machine cross-beam is made of quality cast iron with high rigidity. It's good to adsorb the great pressure conveyed from machine blade generated during cutting process. The cast iron cross-beam has been granted thick walls to prevent shape deformation in the long years to come.

Two V-shaped tracks have been machined on the top of the bridge saw machine cross-beam with small clearance to guide blade X-axis movement. These tracks are an insurance of the blade cutting in straight line. They are oil-bathed and covered with organ shield to prevent dust and water for well performance.

The cross-beam is rested on and moveable along two rails which are firmly installed on concrete foundation to ensure the bridge saw vibration free. The cross-beam rails are actually a linear guide way system to allow for the cross-beam smooth movement and precise positioning.

Blade lifting/lowering movement in the bridge saw machine is powered by two pneumatic cylinders and guided by four chrome-plated steel columns. Flexible limiting blocks are presented on cross-beam and blade holder for easy adjustment of blade moving range, vertical or horizontal, according to stone cutting purpose.

In the right end of the cross-beam are electric cabinet and control panel with LCD display. Cutting parameters can be put into the machine by control panel and then the bridge saw machine makes automatic cutting under its PLC control system. Frequency converter is also used to enable the bridge saws fit for cutting stones of different hardness and using blade with different diameters.

The bridge saw machine table is hydraulic powered in a dimension 3200mm long x 2000mm wide, big enough for gang saw size slabs. It can tilt 85 degree for easy slab loading/unloading and rotate 90 degree to make a slab all four sides cutting very easy.

The metal body of the bridge saw machine is inner lined with putty and well painted on the surface to protect from rusting. All thick electric cables are held by drag chain to ensure safety and long service life.

GBHW series auto bridge saw machine is widely used for different kinds of stone, like marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, etc. It is mono blade bridge cutter.

Brand: PLC: Panasonic, Linear guide way: Taiwan;  Button: Simens







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Blade diametermmD.400 D.600D.600  D.800
Main motor kw1518.518.5
Max cuttingsize(L*W) mm3200×20003200×20003200×2000
Worktable sizemm3200×20003200×20003200×2000
Worktable rotating angle
90 or 360degree90 or 360degree90 or 360degree

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