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Pre-sale services ---professional comprehensive pre-sale service, provide direction and guidance for your investment. 
1.Tell the customer something about the company profile and quality of product performance.
2.Answering questions for customers, technical analysis and demonstration of the product
3.According to the customer's demand, and guide customers to make the right choice of product 
On-sale service-----meticulous and rigorous on-sale service, making your choice more worry-free and reliable
1.Tracking the contract which was signed, organize each department to review the order.
2.Be responsible for solving the problem that is not clear or both sides should be negotiated in the contract.
3. According to the contract requirements, follow the production and delivery
Thoughtful and efficient after-sales service, provide support and protection for your benefit
1. According to the contract, guide equipment installation, commissioning for customers on schedule.
2. On-site training, guide the customer about the product specification operation and technical use
3. Responsible for receiving and handling customer's suggestions and complaints about product quality and service quality
4. In warranty period, we will do the tracking and inspection unscheduled to implement our service with dynamic management.
5 If there is something problem with the machine during the warranty period, we will send someone to repair it for free
6. The customer can enjoy life-long after-sales service after the warranty period.
7. Responsible for training service personnel regularly, continuously improve the overall quality of service personnel 
8. We provide customers with equipment failure maintenance personnel, business consulting, customer complaints and other recommendations the whole day. 
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